Head: Barbecue '85
Torso: Night Creeper '90
Arms: Cobra Commander '87
Waist: Mirage '03
Upper Legs: Mirage '03
Lower Legs: Cobra Commander '87

Accessories: Clear Ninja Force axe + swords, modified with hot glue. Everything else is hot glue.

Merger used to be a prominent nuclear scientist who tried to invent new kinds of energy to replace the finite reserves of the earth and the often polluting methods of mankind. He somehow managed to create a new form of red coloured energy, but at a high price. He couldn't control the new energy and got himself merged into a strange new thing. His physical body turned into a living form of energy, still able to think as a human being, but unable to speak. Merger doesn't need any oxygen, sleep, food or drink since the unknown unlimited energy lets him live. He doesn't walk, he always flies around, again powered by that strange new energy that has never been seen before. Merger can control the intensity of his energy so his suit doesn't catch fire or melt. Because of that control he seems unaffected by any kind of attack: he simply heats himself up so the incoming bullet/laserbeam/fire/projectile/enemy incinerates or vaporizes instantly.

As noble as he was as a scientist, Merger now uses his powers to serve the people on earth against criminals, natural disasters and against any threats from outer space or other dimensions.

Fighting Style(s): Cutting, melting, blasting, burning and shooting his energy through stuff/enemies while flying

Weapon(s): His whole body. Merger can do anything with his body of energy: form it into weapons, shields, bullets, blasts, flames, bolts etc. Merger can survive under water, in space, can withstand extreme heat and cold, is not affected by gravity or any force of nature. It's estimated he's able to fly at the speed of light.

This was my enty for the Kumite 2.5 back in 2011, but I somehow forgot to submit it to the Gallery.

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