Created: April 2014
Parts Used:
Head: Monkeywrench V1
Chest: Stalker V2
Arms: Salvo V1
Hands: Star Wars ROTS Clone Pilot
Middle Piece: Monkeywrench V1
Upper Legs: Big Ben V1
Lower Legs: Monkeywrench V1

This custom of Monkeywrench was made so that his equipment could all be removed allowing him to blend
into society. Monkeywrench was one of my favorite Dreadnoks as a child, the trident spear gun was awesome when I was a youngster, but it is pretty unrealistic. I often gave Monkeywrench a Gung Ho V1 grenade launcher and a Backstop V1 revolver. I always used Monkeywrench as a Dreadnok that worked with explosives. Once I decided to make this custom the ideas were already there and it was a
very simple custom to make. I knew I wanted him to have a realistic grenade launcher, pistol, a melee weapon with a trident end, as well as removable explosives. Realistic versions of all of these items are readily available today. I decided to keep some of the original looks and colors of Monkeywrench. The vest stayed a dark maroon and the lower legs were kept so that the bandannas would be present. I really
think that most of the equipment of the Dreadnoks would be worn and weathered so the paint was applied to give it that specific look

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