Head: SW Bail Organa
Torso, hands: Para-Viper
Arms: ROC Accelerator Suit Duke
Legs: Resolute Beach Head
Armor Vest: ROC Neo Viper
Rifle: ARAH Rock Viper


My VENOM customs represent the characters before the formation of VENOM, often as Cobra or Dreadnoks. Maximus Mayem was Miles Mayhem's twin brother in Kenner's MASK line. He and Miles Mayhem wore matching uniforms, but with the main colors reversed. Having already done my version of that same uniform for my Miles Mayhem "Now a Joe" custom, it would have been simple to replicate that figure and reverse the uniform colors. But I used different parts for a different look. The concept is that Maximus Mayhem is a bit more of a hands-on bad ass than Miles Mayhem.

With Cobra already having its own resident evil twins, Tomax and Xamot, it seemed to make more sense for Miles and Maximus be non-twin siblings. The Bail Organa head looks much like the head I worked up for Miles Mayhem, but not an exact match for it, so it works well as a sibling. Like my Miles Mayhem custom, Maximus Mayhem has darker grey hair than the Kenner figure and appears a decade or so younger. The parts used for Maximus Mayhem also create a figure scaled to be several inches taller than Miles Mayhem. The addition of the oversized rifle, ballistic shield, and the bulky armored vest gives a bit of "can do" machismo to the design. Maximus Mayhem will loose an eye in the future, but for this figure both eyes are left intact so the character doesn't look like Major Bludd.

Colors & Paint:

Loosely based on the MASK action figure, with the purple blue replaced with dark blue, and with darker hair.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The head was modified to sit on the neck post. The shoulder sockets were opened.

Thanks for looking.

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