Head: 25th Duke
Body: 25th v2 Hawk, modified
Shoulder holster: 25th Tunnel Rat, modified

Mace works deep undercover with the Joe's intelligence team. He has infiltrated many organizations within Cobra starting with Extensive Enterprises, the front company that finances the terrorist organization. He has a team of his own lower level agents that he is able to get information to so they can relay it the Joe team. He and Chukles have teamed up on numerous occasions to infiltrate the Terror Drome, both of them unsure if they would walk out of there alive.

In order to make this not look like Hawk in a black jacket, I removed the sheep's wool collar from the neck and shaved down the medals and ribbons from the chest to give it a smoother look. I was not crazy about the yellow weapons of the original, but decided to use the greenish/yellowish shoulder holster of Tunnel Rat, but cut the ammunition from the straps. When I first saw a picture of Mace, I thought it was a version of Duke, so Duke's head was the perfect choice for the figure.

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