Head: IJ Elsa Schneider with Scarlett hair
Torso: Ms. Marvel, modified with sculpted details
Legs: ROC Hawk
wrist computer: Tomax
Wrench/Lipstick holder: By Cap
Hands: BBI?
Upper Arms: ?
Lower Arms: ROC Scarlett or Cover Girl

Most people are surprised to learn that the "Logan" who has been fixing up their space ship parts at Big Papa's all these years has actually been the same girl they know as Maya, and run into at Joe's Cantina, or sunbathing on the observation deck on the upper decks of the Artifex station.

Even on the Fringe, where most old fashioned social norms are thrown out the window, Maya has found it difficult to be taken seriously in her profession, given how few women there are who know their way around the inner workings of starship.

But truth be told, she has gotten used to it, and despite being one of the best mechanics on the outer Fringe, she refuses to live up to expectations, and is far from being a tomboy. So while there may be grease under her fingernails, you can expect to see her fixing the polish on her nails, or using the back end of her multi-tool to store an extra lipstick.

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