Sand Viper head
Blaster body

With the Red Shadows growing ever more powerful, Baron Ironblood decided to bring in a new tactician who could help bring the Red Shadows to new heights of power. Mephisto, a one-time IRON Army Stormtrooper, was left for dead duriing one of Sgt. Savage's attacks. Hoping to save himself, the cyborg nazi plugged his neural link into what he thought was a power relay. Instead, the Stormtrooper's memory was super-enhanced and almost overloaded with the tactical information of thousands of different data banks. Seething with rage at having been abandoned by General Blitz, the Stormtrooper adopted a new name and sold his technical knowledge to various underground groups. The Black Major found him in a backwater bar and offered him the chance to gain glory and wealth by joining the new Red Shadows army. His knowledge of warfare is only matched by Skeletron and the two have a rivalry as to who will come up with the ultimate plan of global conquest.

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