Head: WWE Rumbler
Body: ROC General Hawk:
Legs: POC Zartan

It was an exciting day for the residents of the Artifex, the virtual ghost town of a space station orbiting the booming mining planet of Farhaven. While the luminous green ore (nicknamed Kryptonite)/potential fuel strike planet-side has resulted in near-constant traffic bustling through the new planetary spaceport, the arrivals coming to the orbital station were sparse, to put it kindly. But this day was different. This day there were two arrivals.

Granted, one was just the return of The Talon, the personal starship of IPA Pirate Hunter (and former Avalonian Paladin) Percy Ajax. But his crew seemed to grow every time they ventured out into the Fringe, and the heavens only knew how much the station's merchants needed the business.

The second arrival was also seemingly mundane - a simple shuttle from the planetary hub - except that Farhaven control had radioed ahead to let the Artifex know there were two passengers arriving with both having purchased one way tickets only.

There was a buzz in the air.

The first passenger was known by virtually every remaining resident of the station. During the heyday of the Artifex* Marshal Raymond P. Spinner was THE law on the station. Yes, the station had its own security force, Customs detachment, and various traveling military personnel on-station at all times. But as the head of the Inter-Planetary Authority's regional agency, Marshal Spinner was the law officer responsible for enforcing the laws of man, and keeping the peace, lest the Law of the Fringe take over.

Marshal Spinner's fame as a lawman went beyond just the Artifex, with him having been trained by the finest law enforcement agencies and officers on old Earth itself. Over the years he made his way through the star systems looking for a home. He had found one at the Artifex. Moderating the peace among drunk patrons of Joe's Cantina was honest, if not exciting work, but he had a number of interesting criminal cases during his tenure. If you asked him about them, he would mention only two...the only two he couldn't solve.

His run as Marshal reached a high point just before the opening of Farhaven Spaceport Prime, as word of the ore strike spread and the station was pushed beyond its natural capacities to keep up with the inflow of new traffic. Once the Farhaven Spaceport opened for business, however, the IPA closed the Agency's office at the Artifex. Though offered the job of regional director of the new office planet-side, Marshal Spinner turned in his badge instead. He later reflected he had stopped enjoying the life of a lawman. Too much work, too little praise, too many enemies.

Spinner claims to be retired, and has settled into a small estate on Farhaven, setting his sights on life as a prospector.

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