Head: Though not yet revealed, it is a cast head from Slayer
Body: POC Zartan (or ROC SS?)
Legs: POC Duke
SW Handcuffs
Mask is a hood from a red armored Jedi

Martos is one of those poorly kept secrets within the halls of the Avalonian Royal Palace on Orbis Bellator. Everyone knows he is being held prisoner, though virtually nobody knows his true identity. They know that "Martos" was a leader in a prior uprising on the Avalonian Planet of Chandar. And people generally believe him to be the son of a man active in politics on some level - perhaps even to this day. A man who continues to serve the King while his son rots away in the dungeons.

What they may not know is that there are those out there - in space - plotting for Martos' freedom.

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