Head: Star Trek the Motion Picture- Decker cast
Torso: ROC Cobra Commander
Arms: Star Wars- Han Solo (Bespin outfit)
Legs: 25A Cobra Commander
Feet: 25A Serpentor
Webgear belt: Resolute Zartan


Hasbro's 2008 Matt Trakker opened the door for many of us to import and customize characters from other toy lines. Hasbro did a solid job on the character, even creating a really nicely done head sculpt. The head sculpt is very distinguished, but for my tastes it looks a bit too driven, too intense, too sullen to match up with the strangely pleasant and non-aggresstive Matt Trakker from the cartoon.

Although my MASK and VENOM customs are reinterpretations of the characters within a GI Joe context, the friendly Matt Trakker is a bitter fit for the MASK team than Hasbro's is. The Star Trek: The Motion Picture Decker head has a friendly-yet-able look to it, plus it looks a lot like the original Kenner Matt Trakker head. I always thought the Kenner head was a dead ringer for John Tesh, but Stephen Collins is pretty close.

Hasbro already made the standard Camaro-driving Matt Trakker, so I chose the almost-as-popular Rhino version. As with my other MASK/VENOM customs, it's nowhere near an exact match for the Kenner figure. It borrows elements from it and updates them.

Colors & Painting:

Based on the Kenner action figure. The base of the uniform is chocolate brown, covered by several brown-grey washes.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The head is a custom cast. The shoulder straps were added to the torso.

Thanks for looking.

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