head - mezco liz sherman hellboy + helo snakeyes visor and zartan hood and heavy duty do rag
torso -- hitech, resculpted
crotch - iron grenadier
legs - firefly v1
lower arms - stormshadow
straps - trimmed from firefly v1 knee pads
guns made from firefly smg and dark ninja master chain blade

Munitia is a mercenary, for her there is no illusion or game or pride, it's all business. It is well known that she has had a standing rivalry with Cobra's other notable merc, Major Bludd. She has had contact with over a dozen other splinter groups such as Venom, SKAR, and the ever elusive Black Widows. In her many dealings she once came into intel that she thought would have gain her favor in The Plague, the whereabouts of the missing sister of team leader Blackout. His disinterest in the intel lead her to instead sell it to the next likely buyer, the Joe Team. In exchange for Hotwire who had just been apprehended during a raid on The Headhunters. Incidentally, she had been held captive by Hotwire this entire time.

Munitia is cold calculated and utterly ruthless, she harbors a deep hatred for any that foolishly attempt to gain sympathy.

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