Head: Marauder MTF
Torso, upper arms: Retaliation wave 1 Roadblock
Lower arms, hands, legs: Retaliation wave 2 Roadblock
Vest: retaliation 3-pack Roadblock (modified)

The Howitzer needed an artillery commander. The Joe team has several, Grand Slam and Long Range come to mind. I wanted to go off the beaten path and include a character that is not necessarily on the top of people's minds, so I turned to the New Sculpt/DTC years for inspiration. Major Barrage is a character that has never gotten much attention but has much potential in my opinion. I have previously made a Barrage custom a few years ago, but I wanted to rethink the whole parts recipe. His filecard describes him as a hulking "mountain of a man" and I wanted to convey that size. Accordingly, he is made up of Retaliation Roadblock parts.

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