Head: Blaster
Torso: Spearhead V1
Arms: Corps Hammer
Waist: Thrasher
Legs: Monkeywrench

Marsh ASPs are the Assault element of the Marsh Viper Teams. Valuing quantity of lead in the air over accuracy, Marsh ASPs tend to be recruited from those SAW Vipers that were best kept as far away from the leadership as possible. Friendly fire and enemy fire have no clear distinction for Marsh ASP's. These are men that "live for the sound of cyclic".


I wanted to take the worst parts that I could find, and make the coolest looking figure I could manage with them. This figure is made up of some of the most distinctive and therefore worst parts for a custom available. Even the torso, which wasn't that bad, had been painted black in someone's custom experimentation, when I got the figure. I was experimenting with an enamel based spray and didn't want to mess up good parts.

The blaster head is almost useless because it always looks like a blaster head. I hand carved off the face for a more generic look.

I like putting random parts together and doing up a team. I kind of like the result, if only because I wasn't going to use any of these parts for anything else, and they sat at the bottom of the parts bag, forever... I completed this one back in my "experimental" phase back in 2001, and I'm really happy with the result.

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