Head/Legs: Agent Faces v1
Torso: Hannibal
Arms/Waist: Recondo v4
- NVG Helmet: Grunt v9
- Arm Guards: Lady Jaye v4 Spytroops gear
- Sniper Rifle: BBI

File Name: Simon Wexley-Smythe
Primary Military Specialty: Sniper
Secondary Military Specialty: Long Range Reconnaissance
Birthplace: Bristol, UK
Grade: OP-2 (Lieutenant, Paladin Roll)

Magister's identity was determined by the British intelligence community due to some 'signature' tradecraft left on some neutralised targets. He is a former British Army Infantry Officer who went AWOL during the Balkans conflicts. He joined Cobra, who were serving as 'technical advisors' to the Serbs and it is believed he has served as a SPECTRE-Viper - the Special Operations Branch of the Crimson Guard. He serves as both an operator and an instructor. He is believed to be among the most trusted officers in Cobra and is said to have an almost perfect track record.

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