Head - Action Soldier
Torso - Dr. Mindbender V2
Arms - CORPS
Waist - Tomax/Xamot
Legs - Tomax/Xamot

Gun - Acc. Pack
Backpack - CORPS

Medi-Vipers are recruited from Medical School Dropouts, Dr.'s sued for Malpractice, and Veternarians.

They have to complete Viper training to become a Battlefield Medic. Those who fail the training are sent to Springfield, Broca Beach or Cobra Island to care for the Cobra Civilians.

The Medi-Viper suit is equipped with advanced sensors and electronics so the Medi-Viper can quickly diagnose the patients status. But a Medi-Viper is ruthless enough that they will leave a patient if they cannot be saved.

Grade - O-3 (Cobra Captain)

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