Scarf: ROC Desert Viper
Everything else: Marauder Task Force

''Cobra is not afraid to fight dirty and now, neither is GI Joe! Duke has recruited twelve of GI Joe's best specialists to take the fight to Cobra! They are highly trained soldiers that are not afraid of fighting dirty.''

''Night Fox is Duke's Dirty Dozen's special combat and operations expert. He can fill a broad range of roles including marksman, explosives expert and combat driver.''

For Icecreamman's GI Joe All-Stars Project, Bucky, Dusty79 and I came up with a new sub-team. We each crafted 1/3 of Duke's Dirty Dozen.

I came up with the recipe for Night Fox while playing around with all the Marauder Task Force parts I received from the Kickstarter campaign. I have not been 100% satisfied with any of the versions that Hasbro has given so far (although v1 is pretty good), so this will become my definitive Night Fox for my collection.

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