Head: Swamp Rat
Torso, Waist, Arms: Stalker
Legs: Sand-Viper

Othello (Black) of the Othello Brothers, was one (of two) of my entries to NJC#62 - Super Spies, listed as Spy vs Spy.

With the NJC, I wanted to create characters that I could still use with my Joeverse, and I chose to do Spy vs Spy, with the full intent of renaming them after the contest, and integrating them in my Joeverse.

Considering they're Black and White, I chose the name "Othello Brothers" for them, identical twin spies for Cobra.

While painting the custom, I intended the white colored mouthpiece and collar combination to give the impression of the Spy vs Spy pointed head. But maybe I should have included painting the neck. I also ended up disregarding giving them a hat.

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