Head: Outback modified
Torso: Heat Viper v.2
Arms: Sgt. Slaughter
Waist: Coils
Thighs: Colonel Courage with Cross Hair knife
Feet: Psyche Out v.3

Sun Glasses: Huck Doll climber
Rifle: BBi modified
Pack: XD with BBi canteens

I've always wanted to do an Outback custom because he is my favorite GI Joe figure. All the reasons I love the figure though make doing a custom of him extremely frustrating. You either end up making a direct rip off or not living up to the original's coolness. Version 2 shows how quickly an update can go wrong.

Inspiration came from many sources and I would like to give credit where credit is due. First, was David Lane's presentation at the 2004 convention where he showed off the unproduced desert set that had a chocolate chip camo-ed, white haired Outback. Knowing I'll never own that gem of a figure I wanted to make a desert themed Outback. Grand Slam's idea for Outback using a full bandana was swiped. I had no idea what to do for a head until I saw his version. A bike messenger wearing one of those single strap packs and a walkie talkie attached to the strap was the inspiration for the back pack. We've seen him carrying the big heavy load so I went quick and light here.

The shades are a reference to the opening scenes in Black Hawk Down. The two desert camoes came about when Beav did his Lifeline custom. My thought at the time was that it was too bad you can't do both patterns at the same time. The bandana allowed a realistic avenue to use them both. The shirt is actually supposed to be one of those dry fit work out shirts. Fitting, considering the environment. The boots have sand paint on them for authenticity. People have mentioned that he should be tanner or burnt because of the sleeveless look. To that I respond sun screen, very strong sun screen. No survivalist would leave home without it.

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