Head - RoC Storm Shadow
Torso/ arms - RoC SS
Hands - Microman
Upper legs - Devil's Due SS
Lower legs - 25th SS and RoC desert Duke
Feet - A team Face
Great Knife - Scratch built

A symbol of utter terror, Pyramid Head is the main antagonist in the nightmare town of Silent Hill. Standing over seven feet tall and possessing inhuman strength, Pyramid Head is a ghastly reflection of the town's citizen's inner demons, varying from anger, hate, guilt and desperation. His acts of violence are not aimed solely at humans, but also attacks the other creatures of Silent Hill, sometimes sexually.

His huge and cumbersome helmet represents not only pain to himself, but also as a weight on his shoulders. The creature wields the Great Knife reminiscent of an executioner, though that too is a burden that Pyramid Head is slowed greatly by.

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