Head AND body: ROC Scarlett molded hair
Lower legs: 25th 2 pack Hawk
Hands: ROC Rollbar
Belt: ROC Breaker / pouches: 25th BAT, 25th Skyduster
Armor: 25th Wraith
Helmet: Salvo
Goggles: 25th Paraviper
Weapons: ROC Covergirl
Knife: 25th Snake eyes
Backpack: 25th SC Hawk

File Name: Roberta Brown

Birthplace: Baja, California
Rank: Corporal
Primary Military Specialty: Infantry
Secondary Military Specialty: mechanic

Pointer is a military police agent who loves riding offroad motorcycles. She demonstrated her skills as a motorcycle pilot and was assigned to the motor squad of the GI JOE team. Somehow she managed to get permission to modify the motorcycle she was assigned to. Now-a-days, she has been assigned to patrol in a secret military base in the jungles of South America.

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