Head: ROC Pit Commando
Mask: 25th Torpedo
Scarf: Resolute CP Destro
Torso, arms, upper legs: 25th Cobra Driver
Lower legs, feet: Resolute Cobra Trooper
Backpack: Corps paratrooper rig, 25th Barbecue tanks, POC snow Destro engine & tube, ROC Doc spraygun
Belt: ROC Hawk

Cobra must go through a huge deal of hardware: Stinger jeeps, HISS tanks, ASP pods; they have a lot of great equipment. The mechanics in the motor pool keep it running smoothly--but who keeps it looking great? Who fills the Joe bullet holes with bondo and puts on a brand new coat of flat black, blue, or red? Who applies the stencils, the numbers, the "not a step" warnings? The Paint Viper!

Expert in all NATO paint finishes, waxes, wet sanding, and pinstriping.

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