Head: SW Trooper from Taun-Taun set
Body: POC Duke
Arms: POC SE
Legs: POC Shock Trooper and Duke combo
Coat: Iron Man 2 Nick Fury
Mac-10: Marauder
Holster: made from vinyl

From Knighthawk's Journal:

...After EXCAL disbanded, some became free agents, like the one man demolition squad they started to call the Punisher. I guess if MEDUSA did to my family what they did to Sgt. Castle's, I'd be in a punishing kind of mood myself. I'm not 100% sure what he's up to these days, but I hear rumors from time to time, and it doesn't sound pretty. That SHIELD team I talked about before is apparently keeping pretty close tabs on him, and they aren't sure which side to count him on.

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