Head: Modded Professor X
Torso: Modded City Strike Snake Eyes
Legs: Modded POC Zartan
Arms: ROC Hawk + Clone Commander Gree lowers
Belt: heavily modded Star Trek

Ok, so it's not really version 54 of Knighthawk, but it does seem like I've gone through about that many. I named this as such as a bit of a joke to even myself. You see, I don't keep all these different versions, maybe 4 or 5 of each at once (of different TYPES of figures/outfits). The rest usually get recycled as parts towards each update.

This base figure was my default base for Knighthawk (and later for Ajax) for a real long time, with different heads and gear as the whim arose. But when I upgraded to a new Ajax base, and then also converted the Knighthawk character to more of an agent than a knight, this one too got recycled.

The head is now on my Ajax set of figures, but with these pics, I really was paying homage to the very first Knighthawk figure I ever made (one of the few old ones I still keep).

The last pic shows some of my sketch work as I updated him a couple years back.

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