Head: Muskrat v3
Torso: Laser Viper
Arms: Monkey Wrench
Waist: Corps Lars Lazer
Legs: Corps Chopper
Accessories: Heavy Duty v2 helmet, Corps Flashfire gun, Pathfinder backpack

Name: Gusin, Aleksandr I.
PMS: Laser Trooper
SMS: Infantry

After several run ins with both Cobra's Laser Vipers and the Joes Flash and Sci Fi, the Oktober Guard's higher ups began scouring both the military ranks & universities to find there own specialist. They finally found him working in the Research & Development division of the Russian space program. Taking his code name from the Slavic god of thunder, Perun built most of his gear while going through basic training. He has since proven himself in the field, working well with Dragonski.

From harlie: I have had these customs done for nearly 5-6 years and never got around to posting them (mostly due to a lack of a camera and then losing its charge cord once I got one). Many of these I am having to completely rewrite their bio as the notebook I kept my notes in has disappeared sometime during my last couple moves. I hope everyone likes the bios once I get them redone.

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