Head: Track Viper
Torso: Fast Draw
Arms: Airtight
Waist: Corps Justin Case
Legs: Corps Cybor Trooper
Accessories: Dollar Store shield, Cobra Commander v rifle

Name: Volodin, Zhora A.
PMS: Urban Warfare

Zhora is the son of a reporter from the formerly state run newspaper. He joined the Moscow police department straight out of high school. He worked his way up through the ranks to become the head of his divisions equivalent of a SWAT team. It was during a raid of a suspected gun runner that turned out to be a Cobra front that he came upon the Oktober Guards radar. His expertise in urban tactics led Red Star to offer him a chance to help others on a greater scale.


From harlie: I have had these customs done for nearly 5-6 years and never got around to posting them (mostly due to a lack of a camera and then losing its charge cord once I got one). Many of these I am having to completely rewrite their bio as the notebook I kept my notes in has disappeared sometime during my last couple moves. I hope everyone likes the bios once I get them redone.

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