Head: Corps Avalanche
Torso: Corps Police Officer
Arms: Corps Police Officer
Waist: Corps
Legs: 82 Grunt
Accessories: Knock off gun, Corps Police Officer

Name: Nantucket, Paul E.
PMS: Mountain Trooper
SMS: Communications

For as long as he remembers Peak has been climbing things. He was free climbing buildings in his early teens just to see if he could do it. He was suspended for a while during his freshman year of high school for climbing to the roof of a rival school and hanging his school banner during their homecoming. His councilor saw that it wasn't done out of malice, he was just the best climber in school and some upper classmen made him do it. The councilor offered him leniency if he joined the schools JROTC program. He found a new home and relished the new challenges to climb.

From harlie: I have had these customs done for nearly 5-6 years and never got around to posting them (mostly due to a lack of a camera and then losing its charge cord once I got one). Many of these I am having to completely rewrite their bio as the notebook I kept my notes in has disappeared sometime during my last couple moves. I hope everyone likes the bios once I get them redone.

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