Entire body Snake Eyes v.19 (Figure sanded down on torso)
Acrylic Paint: Apple Barn (Clear coat applied).
Jacket: Cut vinyl.
Assault Rifle: McFarland's Spawn (modified).
SMG: Joe ???
Flash bang grenade: silencer ???

I used to have a 4" Punisher until my little cousin rouged it. Every since then I've wanted another. I'm personally not a fan of this version of SE, I liked v.17 better. (It's exactly the same but grey). I've seen enough black SE already. So I thought, why not take this one and make it a Punisher? I immediately came up with the concept for the mask and chest to be sanded down. (There is a knot on the top of his chest where left skull eye is). So I got my electric sander, and what would have taken 3 to 5 hours with just a file and sand paper, took about 1 minute. (Being very carful to not sand anything else). Then I painted it, dressed it up, and loved it right away. But something was missing, so I made him a jacket, like I did my custom Snake Eyes. So their you have it, I deemed him "Son of Punisher" and he's a "Gun-For-Hire" in my Joeverse and tears it up! I hope you like this as much as I do playing with it! Thank you.

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