Head and boots: 30th Zandar
Torso, upper arms, legs: 50th Eel (boots grafted onto legs)
Lower arms and hands: Retaliation Zartan
Belt: Retaliation Joe Trooper

This is a figure from the PHX project Resurgence 3. At some point in the process we decided to do some characters as a nod to our behind the scenes people that help on these projects. GI Trekker helps us with file cards and bios and I chose a character he came up with by the name of Pigsty. The first description of him I received was that he wears a wetsuit, which he never changes, with boots, and is covered from head to toe in mud and grime. Trekker's version was much dirtier than mine and as we try to keep things as close to a production look as possible, I could not duplicate the head to toe mud, but the inspiration and essence of the character still remains. He was a fun and challenging build and I hope he lives up to the creator's vision.

Art by Sam Panico

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