Head: Marvel Black Cat with cast sunglasses
Torso and Upper Legs: RoC Helix
Lower Legs: 50th Baroness
Arms: 30th Zanya

This custom was made for the PHX project Resurgence 3. I needed a driver for a swamp boat and wanted it to be a female. When coming up with her character, I wanted a different kind of Dreadnok. Do they all have to be so rough and tumble? Can there be a Lady Dreadnok who fits in on a modeling runway and in a swamp? I say yes.

Bio by Sam Panico:
"Growing up as youngest of twelve meant that Pin-Up had to be tough if she wanted a seat at the dinner table. Leaving home at 11 for the mean streets of New York City meant getting even tougher. And to not just enter the world of high fashion modeling - but to conquer it - she had to get downright evil. At a location shoot in the Everglades, her cutthroat ways were revealed for the world to see. Sabotaging the set and nearly injuring fellow model Courtney Krieger, she almost caused her own demise. Rescued by Zartan - who saw something of his dimly remembered past in her - she was initiated into the Dreadnoks. Where, again, she had to prove that she was more than just a pretty face. She had to be the nastiest, toughest and meanest 'Nok of them all."

Art by Sam Panico

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