ReAction Predator head modified with a little epoxy at the sides and some strings as hair.

Neck and down: Visionaries Kravexx.

Arms attachments Reaction Predator.

Laser gun from Vortius custom accesories.

Skulls from Dalshim.

The Predator character needs no introduction. It is been almost 30 years since his introduction in the 1987 action flick Predator.

Since that time I dreamed about having the entire team of the characters in ARAH form. I made the good guys some time (years?) ago and left the Predator itself for the last for a moment when I had the right parts. That happened when I found the Reaction figure and I saw a simple LBC of an Instagramer using Visionaries legs on a Big Boa upper half in order to give him some extra height. Additionally to that, Vortius custom accessories released the shoulder gun, an articulated one, that complemented my custom nicely.

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