Entire Figure- Retaliation Flint
Glasses- VvV Leatherneck
Hat,Vest and machine gun gear-Raginspoon kit

This Pathfinder was made for Custom Celebration 11, the WIP IT Challenge.

This Pathfinder has been sitting on a to do shelf since the Springfield Con.

His backstory-
I bought the kit to make Pathfinder, with the club announcing they were going to do one that same day.

So he sat around while I waited for the club version to be revealed. While not that bad (the FSS), I didn't care for the overly large vest, and the head looked too small for the torso and arms. I opted not to pick him up, and proceeded with the custom version. However, the custom still sat around, having nothing done but a base coat of black for almost two years!

Custom Celebration WIP It Challenge encouraged me to finally get it finished.

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