Heads: modified MU Absorbing Man
Torsos & Arms:
-Shirt: Zombie Lab
-Bare: BFS HACKS (forearms sculpted)
Waist and Legs: Zombie Lab
Neckerchief: Zombie Lab Schoolgirl
Hands: MU
Sailor Cap: Shipwreck
Knit Cap: Shipwreck
Captain's Cap: HIYA German Officer
Accessories: Modified Lil' Bratz (spinach cans, picture frame); Chap Mei (telescope and compass).

Shipwreck's dad (hey, how do you know he ain't?) has never looked so good. Especially after he eats his spinach.

For me this came about after loving every photo I've seen of the One Twelfth Collective production Popeye figure. Knowing nothing so cool would happen in the "correct scale" I set about to make my own 4" sailor man.

The key to this for me is the swappable parts, in the sense that I would not be able to pull off the soft-goods needed to make the costume changes any other way. That's where the HACKS joints system became so great.

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