head-Retaliation Duke
Torso, Lower arms-Shipwreck
Upper Arms- 25th Viper
Upper Legs-Rise of Cobra figure in grey fatigues
Lower Legs-Don't remember but sculpted on baggie element to the upper knees.
Hands-Star Wars figure
Boonie hat-One of the Joe boonie hats
Gear-mixture of accessories from various figures
Gatling gun canisters-the plastic package closers that come with Deli meat

another pretty cool character who never got the legit treatment due to the time he came out in the Joe timeline.
I remember getting this figure and thinking that I loved the baggy pants, the weedwacker, the shades. Then felt down that we would never seem him in Sunbow form.
For my custom I wanted the look that the guy had been walking through the jungles and was a bit dirty and sweaty. I also figured we're in the 21st century and gave him a modern-ish weedwacker to hang from hi backpack. I figured it could be a laser cutter or something along those lines. Lastly I wanted to load him up with jungle gear since I didn't want to go ahead with his hip guns. I liked the Retaliation Duke headsculpt since it had a scar and made me feel that Pathfinder had probably been in a few scrapes in the jungle with Cobra and other jungle residents.

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