Head - Crankcase (modified)
Arms - Heavy Metal
Torso - Law (modified)
Waist, upper legs - Blocker
Lower legs - Leatherneck v3

Submachine gun - Bombstrike (modified)
Boonie hat - Marauder Inc.

Pegasus is part of a 3-pack of Brazilian special operations figures, following on the Canadian, French, and British teams produced already. The name is taken from a Brazilian version of Cross-Country released in the early 90s. He serves with the "Para-SAR" squadron of the Brazilian Air Force, a spec ops search and rescue unit. He's a trained paratrooper and master skydiver with expertise in recovery diving, mountaineering, jungle survival, first aid, and pathfinder functions. Bombstrike's civilian-issue H&K USC carbine is modified to look more like a military-issue UMP. The previous sets focused more on realistic outfitting for the figures, but this can result in repetition so this trio is more unique.

File Name: Pereyra, Afonso
Birthplace: Salvador, BRA
Service Branch: Air Force
Grade: Primeiro-Sargento (E-7 equivalent)
Primary MOS: Combat Search & Rescue
Secondary MOS: Pathfinder, Jumpmaster

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