Head: Topside sanded down
Torso: Mercer v1 w/ working holster and BBi shotgun shells
Arms: Capt Grid-Iron
Waist: Law v1 w/ BBi holster
Right thigh: Lifeline v1
Left thigh: Backblast v1 w/ Chap Mei holster
Feet: Backblast v1

Helmet: Wow Girls w/ visor
Glock in torso holster: Bombstrike
Wrist pistol: Eversparkle
Shotgun: Stikfa

Peel Out joined Cobra because he was headed nowhere fast. He coasted through all the physical training on natural talent but his career stalled after his assignment to the Cobra Coils. He lacked the bloodlust and backstabbing it took to advance.

During GI Joe's initial wave of Operation: Devil's Due (the invasion of Cobra Island II), Peel Out was thrown from his vehicle. He was knocked unconscious and would have been trampled over during the ensuing battle if Skidmark had not captured him first.

When Peel Out later learned of Skidmark's serious injuries he had a change of heart. He wanted to know more about the man who saved him. The more Peel Out learned the more he wanted to become like the great soldier. While Skidmark recovered, the two met and quickly became friends. It was Skidmark who requested General Hawk to consider Peel Out as his temporary replacement.

Skidmark: "As a right of passage Clutch and I took Peel Out down to Speedway Go-Karts. We ended up getting kicked out of the place for reckless driving. Before we left though Clutch leans over to me and says, 'The kid did good.' I agree, he definitely has what it takes to be a Joe."

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