Custom Molded Viper V1 Head
V1 Fastdraw Body
V1 HEAT Viper Bazooka Hose and Pack
V2 Rock N Roll Guns Belts and Pack

I like the Fastdraw figure and thought it would be cool to make a viper out of the body. The heads are all custom molded. So far 8 have been created with 6 more on the way. The figures are painted in groups of 4 to save time. The yellow lines are painted on by hand with a detail brush. To get the pattern to be almost identical on each figure, the pattern is started by painting the two lines which will cross over the center of the body part being painted. These first lines are used as a guide for the rest of the part and it also centers the pattern. Then each subsequent piece is painted using the first as a template. All the weapons were weathered.

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