Head: Tommy Arashikage
Torso:Alley Viper v.8
Arms:Gung Ho v.16
Waist:Dial Tone
Legs: Snake Eyes v.22

After Quick Kicks Vehicle was destroyed after escaping the Cobra prison. The explosion blew him from the wreckage and tossed his lifeless body clear of anyone's line of sight. Assumed dead, he lay there burnt and half in and out of consciousness. He looked up and prayed for death, but instead found an angel. An angel in the form of a lone sheep herder. Upon finding the body, the herder took Quick Kick to a U.N. sanctioned red cross tent some 20 miles away. There they worked on his as he clung to life. Quick Kick had no identification and his clothes were burned off. He couldn't even speak. That's when he slipped into a coma. Quick Kicks coma lasted a year and 6 months. When he finally awoke, he was in a German VA hospital. His face was covered in bandages and he was strapped to a bed. He was a John Doe. Realizing he was given a second chance, he faked a name and went through physical therapy. He stayed there making the decision to be taken more seriously..no more bad Bogart impressions...no more being mister funny man. Instead, he watched movie after movie...Fight club, The Matrix, Commando. anything that would change his attitude. After another 6 months...he learned to walk and eat by himself. When they removed his facial bandages, he was burned extensively. He decided to go to France, where they gave him extensive plastic surgery. After his face healed, he joined the French Foreign Legion. He was there for 4 years when he quit and joined a group of underground Israeli fighters. They taught him Israeli self defense and he became a dangerous mercenary. After leaving 2 years after that, he went to Japan, China, Africa, Brazil..learning as much as he could about fighting and the different types and ways to defend and attack. He fought as a guerrilla fighter in South America and even had a stint in Iraq. 10 years have passed and Quick Kick Decided he was ready to return to the U.S. and have a "chat" with G. I. Joe.

At first, no one Believed he was who he said he is. DNA testing proved he was. So he offered his services to G. I. Joe. They accepted. In the middle of training, Lt. Falcon made a comment about "bad Bogart impressions" and Quick Kick Broke his arm in a single swipe. He is not the same Quick Kick that they knew before. He was hardened, meaner and a lot tougher. Sometimes though, you can hear him quote a movie or two...mostly though it's "On a large enough time line, the survival rate for everyone will drop to zero. " or "This is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time"

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