Head, Torso: Sonya Blade
Arms: Gung-Ho v1
Waist: Snake-Eyes v1
Legs: HEAT-Viper v1

This was one of my old unpainted figures from my LBC box that finally got painted and done (quickly though).

I always imagined this figure as Lara Croft, Tomb Raider, but as a member of the G.I.Joe Team. I chose from the video game colors or the movie colors, and I ended up choosing the latter colors (but ended up thinking the former might have been better...?)

Anyway, upon making the filecard, I decided to just base it on Lara Croft, but given she's European, I enlisted her as part of the Action Force, and decided to do away with the "Tomb" in her name, and just stick with "Raider".

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