Head: SWCW Anakin Skywalker
Torso, arms, legs: Marvel Daredevil
Hands, shoulder pads, upper leg armor: ROC Duke (Reactive Armor)
Helmet: The Corps, modified
Body armor: ROC Neo Viper
Arm/lower leg armor: NS Tunnel Rat


This is my first original Red Shadows character. I see Red Laugh as mission leader with a depraved torturous streak.

Originally, I designed a uniform that was made of fatigues closer to Wilder Vaughn. As I started parting out the figure, though, the over sized armor atop the large muscular frame seemed to be just as fitting and a bit more lively. Perhaps the costume is an downsized/upgrade of the 80's Escape Armor? Sure. Is it feasible or realistic for the upper body armor to be supported by mere human legs? Probably not, but I like the way it looked. I was also inspired by Dark Horse's amazing Iron Shadow and wondered what a "junior" version of the Escape Armor might look like.

Paint and colors:

As with most of my RS characters, Red Laugh's design is locked within the confines of red, black, and darker red. I chose red for the armor parts to mimic the color of the original Red Shadows Escape Armor. For unmasked face, I changed the ethnicity to make it less identifiable as an Anakin head.

Sculpting and modifying:

The Cobra logos were removed from the arm/leg armor.

Almost magically, the base of The Corps helmet fit onto the collar of the Neo Viper body armor. The overall mass of the helmet was just too large, so I lobbed off the top portion above the visor plate, reducing about 1/3 of the size. This also made the helmet look more like the original Escape/SNAKE armor.

The upper leg armor is the wrist gun from a ROC Reactive Armor Duke sliced into two parts.

The neck was thinned down, making it look like the muscle might be some form of contoured armor supporting the larger bulkier pieces. Parts of the back were also thinned to allow for the torso armor to properly fit.

Thanks for looking.

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