Head = Night Creeper
Torso, Arms, Legs = Snake Eyes
Vest is Firefly(v20)
Gun = POC rocket launcher Duke.
Gun on the right ankle = Snake Eyes webgear
Top pouches on the right leg = RoC Ice Viper

This figure was compiled from a bag of fodder I received (thanks Shakka85!) Once I had him mostly complete, I put him up in the critique section, hoping to crowd-source not only the names of the component parts of the figure, but also a name/specialty/background for him. Out of all the awesome suggestions, this one from JCer Redmao came the closest to what I was feeling with the custom:

Redmao: (re: Recon Viper) "Sent as Forward Observer, the Recon vipers usually work alone. Also trained in Tactical Espionage, they're often sent on special missions.

Underneath their uniform they wear the Snake Skin MKII battle suit, a form fitting suit that acts as protection against light weapons and the elements and sends vital information to the RV's HUD goggles."

The other part about being the gunner for the Cobra Steel Crusher was when I considered the character as just an Urban Assault Trooper, and I needed someone to man the gun on that vehicle.

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