Parts used:
Renegades Tunnel Rat,
Steel Brigade trooper legs (perfect match to the Tunnel Rat waist)
Alley Viper goggles
Lt. Falcon scarf.

I started a project to make a small sub-team of Joes, led by Lt. Falcon.

I chose the name Rawhides to reflect that Falcon started out as one in the toon universe. However, I took the concept of the Renegades and applied it to them team. The team consists of Joes who have gotten in trouble with authority, or who simply are not on the main roster due to their primary specialty. The team I have planned consists of 5 members, with Falcon bringing it to a total of six. Some will have familiar names, some are brand new characters.

A couple of the characters are nothing more than parts/gear swapping with very little painting involved, and some are a little more. My goal is to get one posted every other week.

Rascal is the team's sniper/all around infantry specialist. He is a gun expert, and can handle and shoot most anything out there. His reason for being on the team is he doesn't speak much English, and is not an American citizen. He is from somewhere in Southeast Asia, and is rumored to be the nephew of Captain Minh, whom aided the Joe team during the 1st Cobra Civil War. His limited English isn't too much of a problem, as a couple of other members on the team are fluent in various languages. Despite his limited vocabulary, he does a dead on impression of the late "Macho Man" Randy Savage, and often uses various catchphrases from Savage.

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