RoC Ripcord Head
Resolute Trooper Vest
Resolute Snake Eyes Torso and Arms, with added Pouches
PoC Duke Legs
Cpt. America Helmet

Rampage started his military career as a Ranger, and was recommended for the team in 2004 by an old friend, Beach Head. He served off and on for several years, with stints in rehab for substance abuse and alcoholism. It never seemed to stick, as Rampage would fall back into the same bad habits every time they brought him back.

In late 2009, he was involved in an accident which put him in the hospital for the better part of a year. During this time, his old friend Beach Head helped him get his act together, and Rampage has been clean ever since. He was contracted by the Joe team to work with Clutch and develop the blueprints for the new Vamp, which went into production in 2011. Rampage took some of the ideas for that Vamp and incorporated them into a one-off prototype, the Split Fire mark 2. The brass was pleased with the new Vamp enough to give Rampage one more shot on the team, starting with a stint in the new Rawhides.

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