Single carded Retaliation Roadblock
x-acto knife
a glue stick
Hands from a Roc Figure
Flat black paint

I was not too happy with the figure initally, he looked pretty boring, so I went and painted the straps. I thought it would be cool to have a Rock t-shirt on, so I printed a slogan off a Rock shirt. It came out ok, it's held on with glue from a glue stick, so if I decide I don't like it it can be washed right off. I wanted the Rock tattoo's, but there was no way (and the Rock means NOOO WAY) my hand is steady enough to sharpie those on. I compromised by painting the spots flat black where the tat's are, and then gently scraped away with an exacto for an hour until I was satisfied with the look. The new hand came from a Roc figure..not sure which one. I dabbed superglue on the end to make the peg bigger, waited until it dried, the popped it in. Fits just as snug as his regular hand.

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