Head, lower legs: NS Scarlett
Chest/back: SW:TPOTF Rystall
Arms: SW Sly Moore
Waist: NS Dusty
Upper Legs: Link Talbot
Walking Stick scratch-built


This figure began as the assembled byproducts of my custom Freestyle and Crimson Asp figures. The side-leaning shoulders were designed by Kenner to be part of its Rystall figure, in which the whole figure was in a static/dynamic pose of the character dancing/singing. With the chest/back mixed in with parts from other figures, though, it gives the feel of an elderly woman with a deformed and warped spine.

The "old" vibe of the parts reminded me of the elderly female Red Ninja in a brief fight scene with Jinx in GI Joe: Retaliation. Although that character bears no resemblance to this custom, I liked the idea of an elderly character lurking around the Red Ninja temple. I took the concept from the movie and mixed it with the parts salad and came up with what could be an elderly Red Ninja. Perhaps a weaponsmith or a wisdom-filled scholar.

Colors & Paint:

The color set on this figure is very close to the Hard Master custom I made back two years ago. As happy as I was with that figure, I wished I had put a wash on the gi. I added a red wash to this figure's gi and it turned out well.

To give a sense of age to the character, the hair is white with a silver wash and the age lines/liver spots are painted on. One of the eyes is painted black, but the other is white to indicate a cataract or other eye problem.

The thighs and the sleeves were sculpted with "quilted" areas. Although these areas are "quilted" in different sizes, I left them unpainted to help tie the upper and lower parts together.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The upper body of the Rystall figure had already been broken apart to make my Crimson Asp custom. I had to warp and narrow the neck to look right. The rest of the parts assembled with the Star Wars body pretty easily. I sculpted the slight fat roll around the waist. The gi upper is sculpted.

The walking stick is scratch-built. I wrapped wire around a bended paperclip and then added a sporadic coat of poppy seeds over it. I was pretty impressed with how organic a paperclip and wire object could look.

Thanks for looking.

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