2 M&C Toys (World Peacekeepers) Figures
2 M&C Toys Universal Camouflage Pattern uniforms, dyed blue
2 pairs M&C Toys boots
2 M&C Toys radios in custom pouches
2 custom made chest rigs
M&C Toys ammo and cargo pouches, painted black
Resin castings of 21st Century Toys ammo pouches, painted black
2 BBI canteens, painted black
2 belts made from spare buckles and elastic band
2 masks
21st Century Toys beret, painted blue
M&C Toys patrol cap, painted black
Hasbro "Indiana Jones" German map case, painted black
Hasbro G.I. Joe binoculars
M&C Toys AKSU-74 sub machinegun, shortened and painted
Cotswold Collectibles AK-47, modified and painted
Bubble gum machine Nagant M1895 Revolver, painted
Custom pistol holster
M&C Toys grenades
Color printer made insignia

They are the eyes and ears of Cobra on the battlefield.
Expanding on my first JoeCustoms entry, I developed another pair of Cobra Recon Troopers, this time in 1/6th scale. I was leery of using so much non-Hasbro stuff, but the resultant troopers are Cobra and therefore G.I. Joe themed. I drew on inspiration from my 1/18 scale Recon Troopers and the troops seen in the "We Are Cobra" promotional ad for G.I. Joe: Retaliation. I dyed the uniforms in RIT blue dye 4 times to get the color the way I wanted it. The chest rigs were made from black fabric glued over craft foam with spare buckles and grosgrain ribbon for straps. The pouches were painted first then glued to the rig. All of the assembly was done with Super Glue Craft gel. My attempts using printable iron-on insignia have not turned out well, so I have developed a shortcut used here. I used the decoupage technique; adding the Cobra insignia printed on paper to the beret and to Velcro squares with white glue and then giving them each a spray of clear matte once dry. I glued corresponding Velcro the uniform sleeves so they have removable insignia similar to modern military uniforms. I equipped one to be a scout with the patrol cap, large rifle and magazine pouches while the other, in the beret, is an NCO and has a document bag and binoculars while carrying a lighter main weapon and revolver. Thanks for looking!

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