Head: WWE Rumbler Brock Lesnar

Torso: MU Captain Britain

Upper Arms: 25th Bazooka

Lower Arms: modded Retaliation Roadblock

Legs: MU Luke Cage or Absorbing Man

Harness: scratch built/bash of different straps

His original training (post-military) was through the O.S.S. He later joined a group known only as Intelligence One. During this period he served as personal bodyguard to Dr. Benton Quest and his family.

That relationship lasted for nearly two decades until a time when, near the outset of the MEDUSA Wars, Hadji Singh vanished, and Jon Quest went rogue. Bannon went undercover to get to the bottom of both losses, which he suspected were related.

After being fired by a grieving Dr. Quest, Bannon returned to black ops on a full time basis, this time with the O.S.I. His return to the field was tainted with suspicion as to his true identity, as well as the source of his monumental physical growth. Only in the post MEDUSA years was it learned that the O.S.I. had developed their own (harshly effective) version of the Super Soldier Serum (cross reference Sampson, Brock). Bannon finally retired from government service, for good, at the end of the MEDUSA Wars, and has since worked as a freelance bodyguard. His most frequent employer these days is...


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