Head: Movie Skull
Body: ROC Destro (dyed darker, painted trim)

I don't do a ton of LBCs, but after seeing a couple of customizers re-purpose the ROC Destro to become Red Skull, I knew I had to follow suit.

In my EXCAL verse, MEDUSA is (was?) the terror organization which grew out of the demise of Cobra. It was basically a way to bring together all the fictional bad guys the same way the EXCAL organization brought together the good. That groups like Cobra, VENOM, and Hydra could also fit the many serpent components of the mythic Medusa's hair, made it a perfect compliment organization.

In EXCAL continuity, MEDUSA has by all accounts been defeated, but those in the know remain quite concerned. Because the MEDUSA high council hasn't been vanquished, so much as they have disappeared. But that does not mean they will be gone forever.

The Red Skull was one of the leaders who took charge of the council, in place of The Commander (*Cobra Commander) after a plot to assassinate him was initiated.

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