Head - 50th Iron grenadier
Torso & webbing (plus ROC Eel air tank & Steel Brigade Delta grenades) - 25th Red Star
Upper arms - ROC Flash
Lower arms & lower legs - 25th Crimson Guard
Upper legs - 50th Night Viper
RPG 7 - 25th Cobra anti-armor trooper
RPK (plus night viper flashlight) - Marauder inc

Keeping with my theme of 1983-84 Action Force updates, I decided to tackle, probably the most iconic figure of the line... The Red Shadow.

I wanted to try and keep a very classic look to my Red Shadow and it was the 50th IG head that initially inspired the custom. The original Red Shadow was basically a recoloured WWII German Stormstrooper from the previous wave (with a slightly adapted head sculpt), so that IG head with it's German Stahlhelm style design was a perfect starting point.

A combination of Red Star and Crimson Guard gave the rest of the uniform a very mid 20th century feel... and I added the pair of grenades and air tank to the webbing as a nod to the original's twin stick grenades and gas mask canister.

The Red Shadow logo was a home made waterslide decal that I touched up by hand to bring it out a little.

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