Head, torso - Roadblock
Arms - Heavy Duty
Waist - Shockwave
Legs - Chuckles

Helmet - Roadblock
Backpack, machine gun, tripod - Roadblock v13

1984 is probably my favourite year for Joes. That year Cobra got the Baroness, Copperhead, Zartan, Scrap-Iron, Firefly and Storm Shadow, all in the same year for crying out loud. And with the Joes were Recondo (still probably my favourite single figure after all these years), and Mutt and Spirit and Roadblock. I love Roadblock as a character, but his original figure leaves a little something to be desired. Specifically, muscle. He's supposed to literally be a human roadblock, but his arms are thinner than the Baroness' and his legs are pretty slim too. So this custom is intended to fix that. It takes the base of his 1984 figure and bulks him up appropriately.

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