Head, arms, torso - Red Laser (Action Force)
Waist, legs - Firefly v7

Pistol - Cobra Commander

When I acquired a Red Laser figure a few years ago, I actually got a lot of two, but with one having a broken waist piece. So I decided to use that broken figure to make a custom version of Red Laser, and give him a new bottom half so he wouldn't just be a recolour of Cobra Commander. I used the red version of Firefly for the lower half, but if you thought that using another red figure would save me on painting, you'd be mistaken. They're two different shades of red, and rather than vainly attempting to find or mix a paint to match one of the shades. I just painted the whole figure with insignia red. Having a red base colour does alleviate a lot of the problems that you normally have around joints, of course.

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