Head - Zap v2 w/ bandana from Tunnel Rat
Arms - Law
Torso, waist - Red Dog
Legs - Chuckles

Backpack - Recoil
Rifle - Comic pack Grunt

In Vietnam, Stalker, Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes all served in the same Long-Range Recon Patrol (LRRP) unit. The other members of the team were Dickie Saperstein, Ramon Escobedo and Wade Collins, all three of which apparently died in a firefight. The surviving members later found out (in comic issue #42) that Collins had actually survived, and become a Cobra Crimson Guardsman. Some of Larry Hama's finest GI Joe storytelling to be sure.

To match his appearance in issue #43, Ramon's head is made from a base of Zap v2 with Tunnel Rat's bandana added. If Ramon needs a codename, it looks like El Diablo would be appropriate, since that's the tattoo he has on his right bicep.

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